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If behaviors don’t change, nothing else really matters

Today Research Based Solutions serves leading sales and service companies all across North America.

Research Based Solutions behavioral transformation tools ensure its customers will experience superior & sustained performance gains. The solution combines sophisticated online assessments, tracking tools, online self-managed learning and proficiency building , and one-on-one specialized skills development by Research Based Solutions certified coaches. Our mission is to enable your company to hire smarter, train faster and retain longer.

Research Based Solutions identifies and measures specific behaviors statistically proven to help sales and service reps, managers & human resource staff maximize potential in both Sales and Service sectors. We do this in two ways. We identify fundamental behaviors that are generally not cost effective to train and coach, therefore enabling more efficient hiring and correctly positioning existing personnel. Secondly, we develop and coach,at both the rep AND management level. As a result, we are a catalyst for creating sustained measurable performance, increasing productivity in low, middle and top performers, and building ‘in house’ manager resources.

You will see highest impact as we incorporate our toolsets and programs as a core component of integrated initiatives. Here are examples of what this partnership accomplished in a cross section of companies:

  • 167% increase in productivity in 6 months
  • 183% increase in rep gross sales in just over 12 months
  • Sales force attrition reduced from 42.5% to 17.2% in 24 months
  • Attrition reduced in a call center from 82.8% to 33.2% in 24 months

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