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About Research Based Solutions

Research Based Solutions was first established as PsyMetrics Global® in 1996. Research Based Solutions serves both enterprise and SMB sales and service organizations across North America. Our productivity programs ensure that our clients experience superior and sustained performance gains. Our solutions combine proprietary, sophisticated online assessments, self-managed learning, and proficiency building.

Primary Instructional Programs:

  • CommuniKey: Develop Self and Social Awareness
  • EngagementKey: Increase Associate Engagement and Retention
  • Advisor-Key: Maximize Client Satisfaction
  • SalesKey®: Boost Sales Potential
  • ServiceKey®: Deliver a Great Client Experience

Also offered are programs for one-on-one specialized skills development by Research Based Solutions’ certified coaches. The RBS mission is to enable our clients to optimize performance and employee engagement by uniting education, validation, coaching and development.

Research Based Solutions identifies, and measures specific behaviors statistically proven to help representatives and managers maximize their potential in both the Sales and Service sectors. This is done in two ways. First, by identifying fundamental behaviors that are essential to successful performance and secondly, by developing coaching effectiveness at the frontline management level. As a result, the RBS programs help provide a catalyst for creating sustained measurable performance gains, as well as building internal manager resources.

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