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Research Based Solutions - Family of Instructional Programs

CommuniKey facilitates the development of individual self and social awareness to enhance communication effectiveness.

EngagementKey helps Associates increase their engagement by building on Confidence, Goal Orientation, Energy, and Initiative levels.

Advisor-Key helps Financial Advisors Identify behavioral strengths and challenges and maximize client satisfaction.

SalesKey® helps Salespeople identify behaviors that help maximize their sales potential.

ServiceKey® provides Service Associates with insights into behaviors necessary to deliver a great Client experience.

Matthew Robinson, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer….In His Own Words…

The Dr. Dave Barnett Approach

Dr. Dave Barnett's Four Level Model is a breakthrough in the field of sales productivity and has enabled not only the behavioral analysis of customer service, but also the exploration of the inherent relationships between sales and service in proactive business environments.

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If Behaviors Don’t Change, Nothing Else Really Matters

Our organization experienced a 169% increase in productivity in 12 months…during a significant downturn in the markets and increased sales targets.”
Jean S. - National Financial Services Firm

Research Based Solutions combines sophisticated online assessments, tracking tools, online self-managed learning and proficiency building, with one-on-one specialized skills development by Research Based Solutions certified coaches. Our mission is to enable your company to hire smarter, train faster and retain longer.

Research Based Solutions identifies and measures specific behaviors statistically proven to help sales and service reps, managers & human resource staff maximize potential in both Sales and Service sectors. We do this in two ways. We identify fundamental behaviors that are generally not cost effective to train and coach, therefore enabling more efficient hiring and correctly positioning existing personnel. Secondly, we develop and coach, at both the associate and management level. As a result, we are a catalyst for creating sustained measurable performance gains, increasing productivity in low, middle and top performers, and developing ‘in house’ manager resources.

Execute Your Strategy More Efficiently

We experienced a 223% increase in sales related activities in 3 months. Representative gross sales increased 183% in 14 months after implementation of the SalesKey® program. Our “Value per Contact” jumped by 55% in 12 months. Finally…our turnover was reduced from 42.5% to 17.2% in 24 months, resulting in a savings of millions of dollars.” John R. - National Financial Services Provider

Research Based Solutions works with companies that desire increased productivity within their sales and service teams. Our approach has enabled sales organizations to increase bottom line sales and service organizations to improve their CSI scores (Customer Satisfaction Index). We promote learning by providing one-on-one coaching and train-the-trainer programs to implement enterprise-wide performance mentoring. Our programs are deployed quickly and intuitively, delivering measurable change from the first day of implementation.

About SalesKey®

SalesKey® is a platform that unites, selection, training, development, sales management and sales organizational development

Today’s sophisticated buyer requires that both business and emotional needs are met. Sales organizations are challenged to become less “transactional” and more “consultative” in their sales interactions. Striking the consultative balance of meeting both business and emotional needs of customers and prospects requires immediate solutions to the following key issues for sales organizations:

Transactional vs. Consultative Sales:

Customers today are more sophisticated. It is important that sales organizations meet not only the business need but connect emotionally with the customer to win their loyalty.

By working with Research Based Solutions, clients realize the following:

The Art And Science Of Sales

The importance of understanding the relevant rhythm of activity within individual sales organizations.

How We Are Different

Research Based Solutions works with sales organizations to develop a sales dialogue, so that selling styles are tailored to the buying behaviors of the customer.