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Leadership Team

Dr. David Barnett, Founder and President, has been a leader in the study of individual productivity and career development since 1993. Barnett’s research challenged the notion that only personality factors are stable and predictable enough for study across time and occupations. His psychodynamic Four Levels Model was a breakthrough in the field of sales productivity and has more recently enabled not only the behavioral analysis of customer service, but also the exploration of the inherent relationships between sales and service in proactive business environments.

In addition to a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, Dr. Barnett holds an earned doctorate in Organizational Management from McCormick Seminary at the University of Chicago. He completed a pre-law degree at Indiana University and has served on the faculty of several business universities. He has presented his findings at leading sales organizations and industry conferences.

Matthew Robinson, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, is uniquely qualified to help sales organizations reduce turnover, improve selection, and generate verifiable results. Matt Robinson is recognized as a brilliant sales coach, valuable consultant to management teams and first rate motivational speaker and presenter. Having utilized Research Based Solutions services and processes for the past decade, Matt as management executive was responsible for triple digit percentage growth in sales for two publicly traded firms. He was instrumental in working with recruiting teams to reduce turnover from 42.5% to 17.2% in 24 months in his most recent corporate role.

Having seen the results delivered in two national sales organizations, Matt joined Dr. Dave Barnett in founding PsyMetrics Global in 2008 and Research Based Solutions in 2011. Matt has a highly skilled ability to communicate our programs effectively to a very broad audience. From working with “C” level executives implementing our programs, to conducting highly energetic and motivational sessions with front-line employees. Whether working to improve communication within your management teams, seeking to improve the performance of your front-line personnel or looking for a motivational session for your employees, Matt is uniquely positioned to be a valuable partner in helping you achieve your desired outcomes.


Timothy P. McCormick, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Partner, has an extensive background in business as an innovator and dynamic executive with excellent operations & marketing skills. Tim has a proven track record of developing and implementing strategic initiatives, increasing business effectiveness and putting ideas into action. Tim’s core commitment is building upon existing competencies within the organization and helping team members deliver an exemplary client experience.


Rod McKinnis, Partner, Director of Sales – Achieving desired sales results is made to look simple by the most talented practitioners. Rod has a powerful gift for teaching advanced sales techniques and has led the successful transformation of numerous high profile sales organizations. Leveraging the Research Based Solutions sales concepts and methodology, Rod specializes in accelerating and sustaining high performance results for sales and service companies.

As an author, sales speaker and consultant, Rod has received many accolades by the sales community…he’s considered a “…Sales Guru…” -Sales & Marketing Magazine “…Master Sales Management Strategist…” -SellingCrossing.com ” “…Next Generation Sales Expert…” -Selling Power Magazine.


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