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Matthew Robinson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer….In his own words…

The Dr. Dave Barnett Approach:

Dr. Dave Barnett’s Four Levels Model was a breakthrough in the field of sales productivity and has more recently enabled not only the behavioral analysis of customer service, but also the exploration of the inherent relationships between sales and service in proactive business environments.

About SalesKey:

Published August 8, 2013 in Case Studies

SalesKey is a platform that unites, selection, training, sales management, customer relationship management and sales organizational development

About ServiceKey:

ServiceKey makes diagnosing individual and organizational service issues easy and reliable and provides behavioral competency profiles for customer service associates

About ProficiencyMaster

ProficiencyMaster is a next generation Learning Content Management System developed by Research Based Solutions. ProficiencyMaster challenges learners to achieve and maintain near 100% proficiency levels in any subject matter.

About CustomerKey

CustomerKey allows sales and customer service associates to interact with clients in a way that resonates with them emotionally and increase internal metrics

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