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When is a learner most dangerous? Research shows most mistakes are made immediately following training certified by a traditional multiple choice test. The problem is typical: multiple choice assessments are completely unreliable when it comes to evaluating learning. Most people can accurately guess up to 25% of the correct answers (choose the longest answer, avoid always and never questions, when in doubt, choose answer c, etc). Learners who are rewarded for guessing are given the false impression of proficiency, but they make more errors because they don’t know what they don’t know.

ProficiencyMaster from Research Based Solutions eliminates learning blind spots by using certainty-based assessments to eliminate rewards for guessing at multiple-choice questions. Certainty-based assessments (also known as confidence-based marking) require learners to not only identify a correct answer, but also to indicate how certain they are of that answer. Currently, your LMS program cannot differentiate between the score of a person who guessed a correct answer and someone who really knows the correct answer. Yet, both these people will be charged with working with clients.

The high cost of errors in today’s workplace proves the need for a learning platform that creates true proficiency. ProficiencyMaster™ provides real-time documentation of proficiency levels for individuals, teams, and the entire organization in any content you need to train and provides accountability for change through learning.

About ProficiencyMaster®

ProficiencyMaster® is a next generation Learning Content Management System developed by Research Based Solutions. ProficiencyMaster challenges learners to achieve and maintain near 100% proficiency levels in any subject matter.

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